Welcome to Radio Lab ! (ようこそ金研!)

The radio signal processing laboratory (Radio lab) of Niigata University has been launched in Apr. 2014. The research area covers radio channel sounding, sensing and various topics of radio signal processing.

Our NICT PJ was highly evaluated

From https://www.niigata-u.ac.jp/news/2024/597823/

国立研究開発法人情報通信研究機構(NICT)Beyond 5G研究開発促進事業で採択された研究プロジェクト「テラヘルツ帯チャネルサウンディング及び時空間チャネルモデリング技術の開発」が、同事業における「研究内容の革新性や先進性等に対する評価が高いプロジェクト」として特に高い評価を受けました。同事業で特に高い評価を受けたのは、採択された計49件のうち6件です。


Two papers have been presented at EuCAP 2024

European Conference on Antennas and Propagation(3月18-22日, Glasgow, Scotland)にて次の論文を発表しました.

  1. Riku Takahashi, Anirban Ghosh, Minseok Kim, “Double-Directional Angle-Resolved Wideband Channel Measurements and Path Loss Characterization in Corridor at 300 GHz,” EuCAP 2024, Mar. 2024.
  2. Yang Miao, Minseok Kim, CheChia Kang, Naoya Suzuki, Sofie Pollin, Jun-ichi Takada, “Dual-Band MmWave Measurements of Human Body Scattering and Blockage Effects Using Distributed Beamforming for ISAC Applications,” EuCAP 2024, Mar. 2024.

Six papers have been presented at IEICE General Conf (Hiroshima, Mar. 5-8)


One paper was presented at IEICE TC-AP (Jan. 14) and the 7th tech. meeting of the COST CA20120 INTERACT

電子情報通信学会アンテナ伝播研究会(1月14日,新潟)とCOST INTERACT(1月24日,Lisbon, Portugal)にて次の講演論文を発表しました.

Minghe Mao, Riku Takahashi, Noa Sato, Minseok Kim, “Outdoor THz Channel Measurement at 300GHz for Ultra-High Data-Rate Wireless Access in An Open Square,” IEICE Technical Report, AP2023-162, Jan. 2024

Minseok Kim, Minghe Mao, Riku Takahash, “Double-Directional Channel Measurements in an Outdoor Open Square Environment at 300 GHz,” COST CA20120 INTERACT, 7th MC and Technical Meeting, TD(24)07034, Jan. 2024



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One paper has been presented at IEICE TC-AP (Dec. 14)


Togo Ikegami, Masamune Sato, Koularp Thongsavanh, Minseok Kim, “Multi-Link 8×8 MIMO Measurement System Construction and Evaluation Experiment,” IEICE Technical Report, AP2023-156, Dec. 14, 2023 (in Japanese)
池上十五・佐藤正宗・トンサヴァン クーラープ・金 ミンソク, “マルチリンク8×8MIMO測定系の構築と評価実験,” 信学技報, AP2023-156, 2023年12月

One paper has been presented at Globecom 2023

IEEE Global Communications Conference (4–8 December 2023 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)にて次の論文を発表しました.

Anirban Ghosh, Riku Takahashi, Minseok Kim, “Double-Directional Channel Characterization of an Indoor Corridor Scenario at 300 GHz,” Globecom 2023, Dec. 2023.