Welcome to Radio Lab ! (ようこそ金研!)

The radio signal processing laboratory (Radio lab) of Niigata University has been launched in Apr. 2014. The research area covers radio channel sounding, sensing and various topics of radio signal processing.

One paper has been presented at IEICE TC-AP (May 21)


Keiichiro Kumakura, Shuaiqin Tang, Hibiki Tsukada, Minseok Kim, “Millimeter-Wave Propagation Channel Characteristics in Various Scenarios of Office Environment,” IEICE Technical Report, AP2021-15, May 2021 (in Japanese).
熊倉啓一朗・唐 率欽・塚田 響・金, ミンソク, 様々なオフィスシナリオにおけるミリ波伝搬チャネル特性, 信学技報AP2021-15, 2021年5月

One paper has been presented at IEICE TC-AP (Mar. 26)


  • Satoshi Yamakawa
    • “Millimeter-Wave Cluster Channel Model for Intra-Vehicle Access Links,” IEICE Technical Report, AP2020-132, Mar. 2021 (in Japanese).
      乗用車内におけるミリ波クラスタチャネルモデル , 信学技報AP2020-132, 2021年3月