Radio Signal Processing Laboratory

The radio signal processing laboratory (Radio lab) of Niigata University has been launched in Apr. 2014. The research area covers various topics of radio signal processing including radio propagation channel measurement and modelling, direction-of-arrival finding, SDR/CR technology and ICT for medical healthcare.

Radio lab logo


  • 8050 Ikarashi 2-no-cho, Nishi-ku, Niigata-shi, 950-2181, JAPAN
    Tel: +81-25-262-7478
  • 〒950-2181 
    新潟県 新潟市 西区 五十嵐2の町 8050番地 
    電話: 025-262-7478



  • Room 520 (Kim’s office), 5th floor, Building A, Faculty of Engineering, Ikarashi Campus, 五十嵐キャンパス工学部A棟520号室(教官室)

Faculty of Engineering

【How to access to Ikarashi Campus】

  1. By taxi
    • Boarding point: Taxi stand at “Bandai Hiroba (Bandai Square)”
    • Fee : About 4,500 yen
  2. By bus
    • Boarding point: Niigata Station Bandai Exit Bus Terminal, No. 5
    • Route : W2 Nishi-Kobari Line (bound for Niigata University, or “Uchino Eigyosho (Uchino Bus Depot)” via Nishi-Kobari and Niigata University)
    • Drop-off point : “Shindai Seimon (Niigata University Main Gate)” or “Shindai Nakamon (Niigata University Central Gate)” or “Shindai Nishimon (Niigata University West Gate).”
    • Timetable : Niigata Kotsu Website “Fare Route Timetable Search” You can search the timetable by setting “Niigataeki Mae (Niigata Station)” as the departure point and entering “Shindai Seimon (Niigata University Main Gate)” and so on as the destination.
    • Fare : 480 yen
  3. By train
    • Platform : Check the electronic bulletin board or ask a station staff member.
    • Route : JR Echigo Line (Yoshida/Kashiwazaki direction)
    • Drop-off point : “Niigatadaigaku-mae Station (Niigata University Station)” (Sixth station from Niigata Station) (Niigata  → Hakusan  → Sekiya  → Aoyama  → Kobari  → Terao   → Niigatadaigaku-mae (→ Uchino  → …)
      Uchino Station (seventh station from Niigata Station), is closer to the Faculty of Engineering on the west side of the Ikarashi Campus.
    • Timetable : JR East Japan Website “Niigata Station Timetable (Echigo Line)”
      Https:// (Japanese only)
    • Fare : 240 yen