One paper was presented at IEICE TC-AP (Jan. 14) and the 7th tech. meeting of the COST CA20120 INTERACT

電子情報通信学会アンテナ伝播研究会(1月14日,新潟)とCOST INTERACT(1月24日,Lisbon, Portugal)にて次の講演論文を発表しました.

Minghe Mao, Riku Takahashi, Noa Sato, Minseok Kim, “Outdoor THz Channel Measurement at 300GHz for Ultra-High Data-Rate Wireless Access in An Open Square,” IEICE Technical Report, AP2023-162, Jan. 2024

Minseok Kim, Minghe Mao, Riku Takahash, “Double-Directional Channel Measurements in an Outdoor Open Square Environment at 300 GHz,” COST CA20120 INTERACT, 7th MC and Technical Meeting, TD(24)07034, Jan. 2024